The Gold Rush of the mid-19th century sparked a boom in the wine industry and following a glut in more recent times, North American winemakers have been focusing on quality rather than quantity to good effect. California, with its 1,100km of frontage to the Pacific, represents the USA’s main wine growing area, with Washington State, Oregon and New York State of descending importance.

All major international grape varieties are grown here along with many of the lesser known. Zinfandel, an exotic black grape variety originating from Croatia, was developed in California as a popular wine that is now produced in all 3 colours and many different styles. Growers and winemakers here have to contend with a large, fashion-conscious domestic market which can complicate their longer-term strategies. However, there is an able cohort of winemakers consistently producing a good range of fine wines that certainly hold their own against international competition. But does the USA lead the world? Let Military Wines Limited lead your investigation and we will bring together a range of suitable challengers for you to decide.