During the middle of the 19th Century as Chile prospered from its natural resources and location on the trade routes, significant investment went into establishing fashionable Bordeaux style vineyards. This stood Chile in good stead and it is now the most important South American producer on the international wine scene. Additional investment and the imposition of lower yields in more recent times has delivered many state-of-the-art wineries producing an array of good to excellent quality wines for international markets.

In contrast to most other wine producing countries, a majority of Chile’s vineyards are planted on fertile and flat land with ample water, leading to the vines having relatively shallow root systems. Many argue that this has a detrimental effect on the quality of the wine produced, although the most vocal proponents are often from other wine producing regions! At Military Wines Limited we have our own opinion on the case and we look forward to bringing you in on the debate through our tasting events.