New Zealand

As the most southerly grape growing country on the planet, New Zealand winemakers have led the field in recent decades, pioneering new vineyard techniques to maximise the quality of their grapes through improved exposure to the sun and water management. Excessive rainfall and insufficient sunlight can be a major problem for the vines. If New Zealand was in the Northern hemisphere it would stretch from North Africa to Paris, although in the Southern hemisphere it does not have a similar Gulf Stream to moderate the climate.

Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region of New Zealand is widely regarded as the world’s benchmark for that white wine variety. Chardonnay is also very good here too. Looking at New Zealand reds, winemakers have had wonderful success with Pinot Noir and they regularly perform favourably in tastings against their Burgundian counterparts in France and Chile. Join us at a Military Wines tasting event and let us help you to make up your own mind.