Over the last 20 years, the Australian wine industry has become increasingly successful in expanding its international presence through keen pricing, consistent quality, straightforward labelling and supplying styles of wine that the market demanded. Prudent use of science and technology by winemakers in Australia has enabled them to make wines of every major style from basic dry whites, through premium reds to port-like fortifieds. Australia has also been creative, producing some wines with no direct equivalent elsewhere, for example their beautifully rich and sweet liquor muscats.

The Chardonnay grape variety is widely acknowledged as having led the charge to put Australia on the international wine map. Since the late 1990s the full-bodied and spicy Shiraz grape variety (Syrah in the Old World) has been in the vanguard. Australia is also noted for its blends, skillfully combining different grape varieties from a number of regions. With so many Australian wines to choose from, let Military Wines Limited recommend a narrower range to explore and compare.