About Us

As the adage goes, “life is too short to drink poor wine” and during my time in the Army Reserves I have attended many military and civilian events where the wine often fell into, or close to, that category. Hence, the formation of Military Wines Limited, which aims to provide bespoke wine services to armed forces personnel, their associates and civilian employers, in order to enhance knowledge and maximise the enjoyment of imbibing for business and pleasure. We supply wines and deliver tasting events in Senior Schools now too.

Having thoroughly enjoyed my time in the University Officer Training Corps whilst at university in Edinburgh, I joined The Royal Anglian Regiment alongside developing my banking career with the Flemings Group in the UK and Europe. As the Wines Member of my Officers’ Mess, I promoted the appreciation of a wider range and better quality of wines and developed relationships with Fine Wine Merchants, including Lay & Wheeler who, perhaps not surprisingly, became my employer a few years later.

During my time at Lay & Wheeler Fine Wine Merchants, I was involved in selling wines for drinking and investment to private customers and businesses, including relationships with the Financial Times and Coutts Private Bank Wine Clubs. Involvement in a wide range of buying trips, tasting events and gala dinners, along with advice on valuing and establishing collections of wines stands me in good stead for providing an extensive range of wine related services to customers. A Distinction in the Wine & Spirit Education Trust’s Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits and my work towards the Diploma have also provided a broad understanding of this fascinating and enjoyable activity.

My extensive knowledge of the military and wine industry enables me to offer you a bespoke service to enhance your enjoyment, knowledge and appreciation of wine. In my role as a Queen’s Own Yeomanry officer within the Field Army, I keep in close contact with many Regular and Reserve personnel, their associates and civilian employers, helping to keep services relevant and bringing together like minded people.

Do call or email me to discuss your specific requirements. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Stephen Davies
Founder and Managing Director