South Africa

Although South African winemakers are classed as New World producers, wine production has been a feature of the region for over 350 years. Historically, most of the grapes were used for the production of brandy and fortified wines. Over the last 25 years, investment in existing and new vineyard sites and wineries has focused on producing the usual array of internationally recognised wines, with many winemakers now receiving high praise. Pinotage is a grape variety created in the region which produces fruity, early drinking red wines which still have a following today.

South Africa benefits from an array of differing landscapes, micro-climates and over 50 soils types and although in general terms, the African sunshine is intense, Antarctic currents make the Cape cooler than its latitude may suggest. These factors help to provide the prospect of a long, slow ripening season which is so vital to the quality of the wines subsequently produced. Wines from this region make worthy candidates for most wine lists and can represent excellent value for money. Military Wines Limited will be pleased to guide your journey through this region.