Grape Varieties

The character of a wine, as revealed through its appearance, nose (smell) and palate (taste), obviously depends on the raw grapes used. White wines can be classed as Light & Crisp (eg Pinot Grigio), Aromatic & Fruity (eg Sauvignon Blanc) and Full Flavoured & Oaky (eg Chardonnay). Red wines as Light & Fruity (eg Pinot Noir), Ripe & Smooth (eg Merlot) and Rich & Full Bodied (eg Shiraz). Rosés straddle the divide and Champagnes, Pudding wines, Ports and Sherries have their own vocabularies.

What is even more intriguing is that the same grape variety can offer very different characters depending on the ‘terroir’ of the vineyard, namely the climate and amount of sunshine, geology and soil type, topography (steepness and direction of slope) and hydrology (volume and regularity of water). The winemaker’s creativity then adds a further layer of complexity to a wine’s personality. A guided tasting with Military Wines Limited provides an ideal opportunity to explore these marvellous differences.