Other regions

Depending on the grape variety, the optimal conditions for a vine to produce its finest grapes are when the average annual temperature over the growing season has reached at least 15-20˚C and 500-1000mm of rainfall (irrigation) has soaked in. The requisite balance of sunshine and rainfall, warmth and coolness tends to be found between 30˚ and 50˚ latitude, although technological advances are making it possible to grow vines and make wine elsewhere.

Exotic and characterful modern wines have been produced in Lebanon since the 1930s, whilst Hungary has been making its deliciously sweet Tokaji wine since the mid 17th century. China is investing in domestic vineyards now too. The dedication and enjoyment associated with making and drinking wine has resulted in a plethora of wines to whet your palate and imagination. What we guarantee at Military Wines Limited, is that our experience and passion for wine and excellent service will enable you to explore the world of wine to your heart’s content, with greater confidence.